Monday, June 1, 2009

Watch out summer

It sure was a great way to start out the month of June! The bear cubs and I went to a dear friends house today and had a BLAST playing outside! Five boys total...four that can run around and make quite the mud hole! We managed to stay out of the mud for the most part today going from the pool to the play-set to the slip n' slide!

Baby Bear wanted to play with the big kids in a bad way but he had to settle for the saucer thing (saucer thing= super very technical and fancy word for what it's really called...which I forgot!) and the swing!

I could feel the heat today and apparently Bear thought he would 'fight the fire' and cool things down...yea, didn't work. But I did get a couple great pictures of him trying.

Between fighting 'fires' and playing in the pool Bear thought he would try out some other future career moves. You see, first option is the fireman.

If that falls through then there is always the chance to try out for worlds strongest man.

How about male model?

No?! He does seem to be more of a rough and tough kind of about a mechanic?

All of which he would be great at...dontcha think!?

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