Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This and That


Both boys are now in big boy beds. We had to sell the bunk beds. Sometimes boys and bunk beds don't go well together. So we bid farewell to the unstackable bed and bought ones that could be separated. Safety first! Sam moved right from his crib to the twin bed without a hitch. I love that both my boys are in their own little twin beds (without rails, too!) and so do they. The only sad just reminds me of how fast they are growing :(


Between school and work I am one busy woman. Not sure I have ever been this busy. Chad and I don't get to spend as much time together as we did before but when we have free time we cherish every minute. Kind of makes it more special! School is going great. Well, all except for the fact that my math teacher is not my most favorite. I am almost done with my CNA class. It's crazy to think that in just a couple months I will be (if I pass state testing) a CNA! ME...a CNA. Capable of working in a nursing home. Part of me wants to work as a CNA while working on getting my nursing degree but on the other hand I enjoy (for the most part!) working at Shoe Carnival where I know for sure my schedule is light and flexible!


Speaking of school and work...between the two they keep me away from the house four nights a week. That means Mr. Wonderful (he really is!) is on duty! At first it was quite rough and I had my doubts. Silly me. It took a bit of adjusting but I quickly realized that he is VERY capable of caring for the boys when I am not around! Even though the boys wear him out he really does enjoy it. I am so glad they have this time alone...even though I hate being gone so many nights a week!


I think I need to hire a maid. I don't know how some people keep their homes so stinking clean with two or more little ones running around. Maybe they just have more motivation that I do. Pretty sure that's what it is. Know of a place where I could buy some?!


Riley's 4th (!) birthday is coming up! Where has the time gone? He has requested an Army themed birthday. So that's what he's getting. All he has asked for is an Army tank. Of course it's something that's hard to find. I think we will just do another family party here at the house. I like things nice and simple, and so does Riley, though he would love to go to Chuck E Cheese...but that place gives me the creeps! No thanks! Just last year he got a little red Strider bike and he loves it, except for the fact that it's red and not blue. He said he would like a blue one and that Sammy can have his red one for his birthday! Anyhoo, since you can do all kinds of fun things with a Strider bike I'm thinking about getting him a little bike ramp. Nothing crazy, just a simple and small up then down type of ramp. He says he doesn't want it because he wants the Army tank...he might just get both!


One last NOT let this happen to you!