Monday, August 31, 2009

In Check

Far too many times I find myself trying to control the outcome of anything and everything I do. Not only what I do but what my children and even my own husband do. It's amazing to me how much we, as humans, think we are in control of our lives. We do so much on a day to day basis just making decisions on a whim. Not thinking anything of it. We just do it and go on about our day. We go on doing what we think we are supposed to be doing. But are we sure we are doing what God wants us to do? Is what we are doing or about to do for God's glory? Have we consulted God in prayer before doing it? It's so easy just to carry on from day to day not thinking about God has planned for us and where he wants us to be. For several months now I have had four words stuck in my mind-

"...just pray about it." Those four words are forever etched in my mind. I do make a lot of decisions on a whim when needed but don't think that quote doesn't cross my mind before and after the decision has been made. Those four words were said one night by the owner of a local scrap book store. Whenever someone was stumped on where to put something, if they should buy this sheet of paper or that one or for more important things such as family issues she would proudly say those four words, 'just pray about it.'

As silly as it sounded the first time I heard it I went ahead and prayed about where I should put that sticker and if I should get that dinosaur paper set that I strongly felt was calling my name. I know what you're thinking, come on Tyra, really? Praying over THAT? Yes, seriously. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." Did you catch that? Pray when? Pray continuously. Yes folks, that means to pray even when you are scrap booking.

Prayer is pretty powerful. Scratch that, prayer is REALLY powerful. If I did not pray and ask God for help and guidance I am pretty darn sure my life would be OUT OF CONTROL. He keeps me in check and focused. Ecclesiastes 7:14 says "When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider:God has made the one as well as the other..", God has MADE one as well as the other. God IS in control. He plans things well whether we think it so or not.

When I saw this picture of Riley it made me think about control and prayer and how they work together. It's pretty simple just as the picture shows. At first it just looks like the kid loves to wear my pink hat and walk around with my Bible but after looking at it some more I thought, you know, the kid looks all a mess and seems to be missing a few important items if he were to really be walking out of the house like he thought he was and then it hit me. He's got all he needs. That Bible holds it all. Glad that kid keeps me in check.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today Little Bear had his first popsicle courtesy of big brother! He thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. That is, till I took it away.

I'm sure the cold yummy sweetness felt good on his teething gums. The poor guy has been feeling rather yucky these days so this was a real treat.

{More about our missed week later. I'm off to fend off Captain Snot and help the Poop Troop invade the toilet!}

Crazy Busy Whoa

WHOA! This week, well the past few actually, have been pretty crazy. Bear has been just that, a bear and so has Little Bear. We are deep in the middle of terrible-twos and teething. What a combination! I can't blame the crazy-busy-whoa all on the two boys though. I've had a bad case of the blahs. Bad. I haven't wanted to do anything, go anywhere, talk to anyone...nothing. Melissa-don't you say a word, I know what you're thinking!

I have a bit of a feeling why I've been this way but for now I will just keep that to myself. It's nothing serious and nothing that I won't get out from under. Just in a funk. A not so nice funk, but a funk that I will outgrow! Been doing a lot of praying to get out from under it and I have faith that God will pull me through and when I'm out from under this black cloud I will be my old self once again. While I continue to pray could I ask you to do the same? Just keep our family in general in your prayers. And that means that Mandy better be prepared for me to be over everyday once again!

So even though we have had the blahs we did manage to survive the last couple weeks. Bear has been in undies for the last two weeks and has done GREAT. Far better than I thought he would. He thinks that when we take Oli outside to go potty that he has to go, too. Boys, there's just something about peeing outside that they just love. Little Bear has two bottom teeth which took forever to come in and sure do hurt when he bites me now! Oli has adjusted fabulously. Hasn't had a single accident in the house and plays so well with the kids.

Now I'm sure after all that reading you would like to see some pictures. Because, after all, a blog post just isn't a blog post without pictures, right!?

How we do 'time out' around here! KIDDING!

Our daily walks now consist of avoiding the house with one thousand (okay I exaggerated a little on that one) cats so that Oli doesn't go crazy.

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's A Boy

Meet the newest addition to the Spain family - Mr. Oli{ver}!

We adopted Oli from my good friend Kara! I feel honored that she would ask us to adopt Oli and love on him just the way she did. It was a hard decision that was prayed about from both sides. We put this tough decision in God's hands and he reassured us that it would all work out. Oli couldn't be a more perfect dog! I just know he is the perfect fit for our family...what we have been waiting on for so long now! God is good, even with dogs!

Look how sweet and cuddly he is! {love}

I think Papa Bear is even in love, but shhh, don't tell him!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kiss The Cook{s}

The kitchen needed to be cleaned and the boys were needing some entertainment.
Enter two bowls and two plastic spoons.

It really doesn't take much to entertain the two of them! It was so fun watching my two bears sit and play with the simplest of things. And to think at one point I was worried at how well they would play together!

{Ask me about that very same thought in about thirty minutes when Bear is trying to sit on Baby Bear's back!}

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beacause I Warned You

I have a habit of talking about all things gross. If you know me then you know just how true that is, if you don't yet know me, well take this as your fair warning-for the second, or maybe even third time! I just can't help it.

Bear wants to show you what he has been up to these days. He can't let Baby Bear be the only one to show off this new skills.

He's just a little proud!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

And the WINNER of The Love Dare is My Messy House!

I was so excited with the amount of people who entered my FIRST blog giveaway! What a success. I simply cannot wait for you go get this book and get started on it! What a blessing it has been for Papa Bear and I.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Slight Addiction

Over the past week I've come to the harsh realization, thanks to my husband and a couple friends, that it appears I have some sort of addiction. I have to be honest here, it's not easy admitting you've got an addiction. It's even harder to sit here and type it out for all the world to see.

I've tried to kick it to the curb. Really, I have. I've tried only spending a certain amount of Papa Bear's hard earned money on this addiction per week. No luck. I've even tried avoiding where I purchase said addiction.

It seems like everywhere I go-there it is. Right there in front of me. Begging for me to 'get some!' My day just isn't complete without it, several times over. It's sad really.

See, I told you it was bad. REALLY bad!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I Dare You to Love This Giveaway!



I can vouch for all of the above. In our five years of marriage Chad and I have seen it all. At least I hope it's all. We have been through a lot of hard times. With those hard times came 'down times.' And when I say down times I mean times when our marriage felt like it was about to go down the drain. Sad but true. This blog IS all about honesty. And I can't lie about a perfect marriage. (the giveaway is coming...wait for it)


We are still here. Still together. Still happy and very much in love. I can't take the credit for this...and neither can Chad or anyone else who has helped us along those hard times. We can only give all the credit and GLORY to the one true GOD! If it were not for Him I know without a doubt that our marriage would have been over with long ago. (wait for it)


I'm so happy to be able to stand (okay I'm sitting!) here this evening and tell you that you CAN overcome troubles in your marriage. I've seen couples recover from a cheating spouse, alcohol and drug abuse, physical and emotional abuse, the loss of a child, severe sicknesses and everything in between. It's not easy...but I know how they did it!

It was a God thing! Romans 8:28 says 'And we know that in all things God works for the good for those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.' I know for a fact that God had his hand over us and saw that we made it through each and every hard time.

During a recent hard time Chad and I decided to step outside our comfort zone and try something new. We signed up for the Fireproof class at church. I was nervous. Chad was nervous. Luckily (I think!) half the people who signed up didn't show so we had a small group. Which was AMAZING. We were able to let lose and share some very intimate and personal experiences. It was a great class and we learned so much.

I said ALL that to say this...

At the end of the class we were gifted with a copy of The Love Dare. Chad had already bought me the Limited Edition for Valentines Day. Don't worry, I asked for it was not a 'hint.'

I have to admit that I have yet to finish the book...or even get halfway through it but I have great plans to. And I will.

But I can't possibly keep this all to myself so that's why one wonderful reader will be gifted with this awesome book! (YAY, my first giveaway!) I have held onto this extra copy for a couple months now waiting for just the right time to give it away and now's the time!

The winner will be picked randomly (I promise!). To enter just do one, or both, of the following two things...
1) Leave a comment telling me how much you love your spouse and why you would love a copy of this book.


2) Become a follower.

It's that easy! Thanks for stopping by.

God Bless!!

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sitting Duck

Look what I can do!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Step inside my brain and see what's going on in there.

I want to go to college. For what, I don't really know. {how well do those silly 'this-is-what-you-will-be-good-at-in-life-so-go-to-college-for-this tests work?}

Thought long and hard about getting my hair chopped off...looks awesome.

Bear was supposed to get his hair cut but he freaked out. Mommy gave him a sucker anyways. I know, I'm a sucker!

I totally forgot to call my Dad on his birthday. I even bought a calendar so I would remember WHEN to call him.

Got a great compliment this week, was told I would make a great kindergarten teacher. I think that's a compliment. And actually I had thought about that same career choice once. Once!

It's not the kids that scare's the parents!

Been doing a lot of thinking about Lela these days. Good thoughts though. Ones that make me smile.

I love our house more and more every day. {I said the house, NOT the location}

Even have some great ideas for the boys' rooms. Can't wait to get started! Bright and cheery colors are the plan!

Mmmm, I have one more voucher for a FREE white coconut and pineapple slushie from Sonic. Can't wait to get that redeemed tomorrow!

I bought an awesome dress for the fall/winter for a whopping $6.47. Seriously, ya can't beat that. Would look great with some leggins, my new obsession!

I'm quite sleepy now. Time to find the beloved Sesame Street pillow I've had for 15 years and call it a night.

Sweet Dreams and God Bless!