Monday, July 27, 2009


Words are escaping me right now. My heart is heavy.

Monday usually marks another blogisode of NOT ME! Monday but you see, my friends, Jennifer {creator of NOT ME} is having an awful time right now. Stellan has taken a turn for the worse. Please head on over to her blog and read about dear Stellan. If you have Twitter follow MckMama as she updates quite frequently about his status. To the left of her blog you can also read her Twitter updates.

PLEASE be in constant prayer today. Pray for wisdome for his doctors, strength for his mom, comfort for Stellan. Whatever you pray for...just PRAY!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Potty Break


It's been a rather long day.

Last night before bed Bear decided that it was time to party potty.

I may have been better prepared for the party.

But we partied pottied anyways.

I mean who am I to stop nature, or the urination of a 28 month old.

Sometime in the evening hours Bear told me that he wanted to take his diaper off.

Diaper came off.

It all began with this statement,

"I go pee."

"That's fantastic, son. Now lay down so Mommy can change your diaper."


Okay okay.

Enter the POTTY!

I must give credit where credit is due...Elmo {and your potty time DVD}, you've been a great help. {but please come out with the poop edition soon!}

Bear pottied two and a half {yes, half} times last night before getting bored and going to bed.

It went better than anyone could have expected the first night.

Game on this morning. He ripped that diaper off and ran to the potty.

Which is in the living room.

Which is also soon going to bite me in the butt. {pun intended.} I have a feeling he may forever think the potty is in the living room. Poor guy will be devastated to find out that it's really not.

The floor only got flooded once today. With pee.

Yep, you guessed it. He pooped on the floor.

I know what your thinking..."did your kid not have any undies on?" That answer to that my friends is a big-fat-NO!

Why...well I figured it would be easier to potty learn without them. Simple as that.

This plan may also backfire on me. Like when he's four and thinks he can run around naked...then pee in the living room.

Back to the poop.

{I'm thinking that my blog should have some sort of disclaimer. I mean, after all, I do have two boys, a husband and let's face it...bodily functions make me giggle a little}

Both the bears were quiet. Laying on the rug in the kitchen and playing with cars.

Bear walks into the carpeted living, by way of the carpeted middle room, with something mushed between his toes.

Couldn't be melted chocolate. I ate that the night before while all through the house not a creature was stirring. Yea, I'm just gross like that.

After a full quick investigation I knew exactly what it was. Really, I knew what it was all along but was hoping he had somehow found some left over chocolate. Hey, a potty training mom can dream, right?

There it was. In all it's glory. Here, there, over there, some more over here...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Faith, Hope & Lullabies

This CD literally grabbed me the other day. Not joking here people. I rushed in to grab some of those blasted puffs for the bears and as I was turning the corner {and dodging someone I knew} the hanging strip doo dadd caught me. Not only was I busted by said person spotting me I was also busted and STUCK! Way to go!

I digress...back to the story.

Apparently God was trying to tell me something when this happened. One of their little slogans is "Peaceful Music for Quiet Moments." I gotcha God! For a couple weeks now I had been 'planning' on getting up early before everyone else to have some alone time. Some one-on-one with myself and the Lord. Never happened. Not gonna lie, I was just too lazy to get up.

I didn't buy the CD. Still don't have it, but I listen to it online and I LOVE it. The boys love it as well. Riley says, 'sing song again, momee.' And I oblige.

Wonderful good to listen to when I'm reading the Word, rocking one of the boys or drifting off to dreamland.

Next trip to Wal Mart and I am FOR SURE getting this CD. It's 10:04pm right now. The guys are all sleeping...think they would miss me if I left right now?!


Please say a prayer for my step-mom, Pat, today as she has to have a mole on her face (by her lip) removed. The dr did a routine exam and sent a piece of the mole in 'just in case' and it came back cancerous. Took them all by surprise. She had to go see a plastic surgeon to get it removed. I believe she went into surgery around 10am North Carolina hour ahead of me here in Kentucky.

Pat, I love you and I sent up all kind of prayers for you (and you Dad) this morning. If you are the praying kind please pray that God had his hand on her during the surgery and she comes out great and heals quickly. Or if you are the cross your fingers sure to keep them crossed extra tight!

Love you Pat!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


The 14th Papa Bear and I celebrated our FIVE year anniversary!

The gifts were sweet and simple.

I was gifted with the second book of the Twilight series. Can't wait to read it...again.
Along with the book came some Reeses candy, my favorite,
a mushy card! It was sweet.

Papa Bear was gifted with a wooden bowl (wood is the traditional anniversary gift for five years!) to hold all the 'pocket goodies' he collects during the day.
Sounds silly but he loved it.

Along with his awesome wood bowl he was surprised with a made-from-scratch red velvet cake!
Yep, I made it! From scratch! (just had to repeat that!)

{all the ingredients}

{when you don't have buttermilk handy, just make your own!}

{everything all mixed together}

{now it looks more like a red velvet cake in the works}

{can't forget to taste test it}

{jumbo cupcakes-no icing}

{Papa Bear's mini cake and wood bowl}

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Hop- 3 Things You Didn't Know About Me

It's Tuesday again and you know what that means. It's time for the MckLinky BlogHop! Hop around the blogosphere and get to know a few things about complete may even make new {blog} friends!

This is a tough one.

You all know I change my hair style about as often as I change my undies. Sometimes it's pretty and sometimes...not so much.

We all know how I scrapbook. Okay, I attempt it but my ADD gets in the way and I end up just talking.

Coke is an addiction for me. As well as Sonic!

So let's see...what DON'T I tell everyone...

1} You may not know that I was born in North Carolina. So I guess that means I'm a southern gal after all. I grew up in the city and always thought of myself as a city gal. That was until I moved to Kentucky in 1997 against my will-lived here a few years then moved back to Michigan in 2001. Only took a couple years to realize that I really did love the south. So here I am, back in the south. Even more crazy, I LOVED when we lived in Texas...can't get much farther than that. Chad says there is one {well a couple things actually but this is the only one that's funny} thing keeping us from moving farther into the country...he's afraid he will come home to a petting zoo! I can't say I don't blame him.

2} I secretly yearn for a college education. Sure, I enjoy being able to stay at home with the kids but one day I want to get a degree. Thing is...I can't decide I'd like to major in. While in high school I took college level classes in the medical field. Aced those suckers and even got some credit hours under my belt. Never did good at any of my other studies but I sure did stick it to 'em with the pharmaceutical {thank heavens for spell check!} math so on.

and one more...this is tough stuff.

3} Deep inside I have a strong desire to do great things. To make a difference somewhere, somehow. I have tons of ideas floating around in my head. And I mean tons. From helping parent{s} who've lost a child to those spending time in the NICU and to those who just cannot afford the finer things in life for their kids. I wish so bad that my heart could pick one grand idea and let me run with it. I'm still praying!

MckLinky Blog Hop

Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's MONDAY! So far so good. I've actually been up since 6:30 and I am in a good mood. Shocker, I know. It couldn't be from the Vanilla Coke that I did NOT drink at 6:31am!

In case you don't remember, MckMama is the genius behind this wondeful thing. Go on, check it out!

I am NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT seriously furious at the fact that I totally did NOT forget to stay up till midnight and register for the all-day crop at church. It is NOT full and I do NOT have to be put on the waiting list. I am NOT seriously, beyond words, ANNOYED

This week I was NOT a lazy fool who mostly sat around in my jammies all day. I'm certainly better than that and shower every day!

I did NOT buy Bear a pair of super cute Superman jammies and after I did NOT buy them I did NOT let him wear the {stinking} things for three days-straight. I mean, come on, I take better care of my children than that.

{I did NOT just post this picture for the second time this week!}

After being invited to a little mom + child{ren} pool party I did NOT wear my 'mom-suit.' And while in said 'mom-suit' I did NOT allow anyone to take a picture of me. NOR did I allow myself to post it here for all the world to see laugh at! I will also NOT be looking for a new one right after posting this!

Last night I did NOT love the idea Papa Bear came up with. And because I did NOT love that idea I was NOT all giddy that I got to take both kids with me to church while Papa Bear stayed home to clean. I still do NOT love his idea!

And lastly

I did NOT stay up past my bed time {do I even have one?} reading all about gardening. I mean...ALL ABOUT it. I was NOT the least bit interested in Square Food Gardening. I must NOT ever admit this to my Bear-in-law {cool name for the father-in-law!} for he will NOT laugh at me. He has NOT been trying to get me to garden for at least five years. I certainly can't forget to mention that while I was NOT looking at a gazillion websites about NOT gardening I was also NOT lookign at starting a worm farm. Gross, I mean really?!

{sadly, I really don't have any picutes of random people this week.}

A shout out

I came across this awesome blog/stationary designer who does AWESOME work! Check her out here, her name is Danielle! Seriously, her stuff is great! Right now, and I do mean RIGHT NOW, {you've got till the end of the day TODAY!} she's hosting a giveaway!
The lucky {if you believe in luck-and I don't} reader will a free pre-made blog design!

My favorite is the Mod Bird! I'm a little obsessed with all things birds. Owls specifically. I'm thinking that even if I don't win I may just have to buy the owl stationary. I mean seriously, it's got me written all over it!

So...what are you waiting for...get your tail on over to Danielle's site and enter to win!

Friday, July 10, 2009

insert cute title here

This is just a shameless post about my oldest Bear and his new jammies and Baby Bear's new kicks that his Memaw and Auntie saw fit he own! Because, you know, big brother can't be the only one with a pair!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

you asked for it

Ask and you shall receive. Answers that is. While it's still early in my blog life I have had a few people ask me the same couple questions over and over again. I don't mind answering, honestly. In fact, I'm quite honored. I don't mind sharing my stories with anyone...well most of them. So, here goes it. If your question did not get answered then just ask in the comment section and I will get on it!

In no particular order...

How long have you and Papa Bear been married?
We will be celebrating five years on June 14

How did you two meet?
My mom actually introduced us when she and Chad worked at the same place. I was a junior in high school. Soccer practice had just ended and the coach dropped me off where my mom worked so I could wait for her to get off. I had heard about Chad from my mom but nothing more than some silly jokes. Apparently she had talked about me because the minute I walked in he knew who I was. Nothing says cute and sexy like long knotty hair caked in mud, dirt filled soccer jersey and shin guards! But there must have been something magical in it all.

How long did you date before you got married?
Now you see my friends, that's where it gets a little complicated. We dated for almost two years. At some point it became hard to deal with the age difference between the two of us. Six years. When your 24 and your girlfriend is six years younger than you the family just doesn't approve. We parted ways. I moved back to Michigan and Chad carried on with life down yonder. We remained friends and talked often. During this time I had my oldest son, Ryan. In the early months of 2004 we decided we were meant to be together so we made it happen.

When did you get married and was it your dream wedding?
We got married on June 24, 2004. It was a quick wedding followed by a 900 mile 'honeymoon' drive to Amarillo, Texas. Just a small and simple wedding in the gazebo in Metropolis, Illinois. (I love that town and desperately want to move back!)

So wait, you honeymooned in Texas?
Um no! Chad got a job offer for the same company he was already working for down in Amarillo. We decided 'why not?!' so we took it and ran with it. Well we drove. Running down there would be the death of me.

How many children to you have?
Together we have three. I have a six year old son

Wait, that doesn't add up...?
Sure it does. I have a six year old from a previous relationship (not to be confused with marriage). He lives with his Daddy in Michigan.

I'm still missing something?
When we lived in Texas Chad and I had a beautiful baby girl. Four months later she went to be with the Lord.

What are their names?
Ryan(6) Lela(would be 4) Riley(2) and Samuel(8 months)

How do you 'do it' (you must be referring to my son and daughter not being here)
WE don't. The Lord DOES! And that is my honest answer. I have no idea how we could or would do it alone. I know for sure that I would be a mess and I'm sure I could say the same for Papa Bear. It's not easy. Or pretty all the time. But we make it. It could be worse. Many marriages end after the loss of a child. Not us. We live IN Christ and he lives in us. HE provides the means for us to 'do it.'

What happened? (again, must be referring to our daughter)
THEY say it was RSV. RSV that went undetected. RSV that showed NO signs of existing in her tiny body. WE say it was her time. In the medical world THEY say she more than likely had a sleep apnea spell in the early morning hours. She cried. We let her fuss. Were in the middle of trying the CIO...never again. We believe that was her last cry.

And to your son?
Long story and don't want to get into too many details. Young and stupid could sum up most of what happened. Not that fact that he existed, that was irresponsible. Wouldn't take it back though. The young and stupid refers to the choices I made when his Daddy and I were parting ways. We still talk. Not as often as I'd like. And no, I haven't seen him since he was ten months old.

Do you want another girl?
As in, do you want to replace your Would I be totally okay if the Lord saw fit we have another child...a girl child...of course.

Do you want more children?
Now that depends on the time and day you ask me. But really, I think I would like one more. Maybe two. It's not up to me. We will leave that up to Him.

You've mentioned your Dad on here before. What about your mom?
I love her. We just don't get along. That and I struggle with the idea of total forgiveness. But she's here. Active in our life and the lives of our children. Bear just loves his Nana.

What are you hobbies/interests?
It changes. A lot. I do love scrap booking and always have. I love reading Christian fiction and murder mystery type books. Photography really interests me but I have a hard time staying focused enough to really learn it. I love to go fishing with my husband. Hope to one day be able to take the boys without the fear of one wanting to go 'swimming.' I also love getting together with friends and their children.

WHEW! I'm wore out now. I think that's it for now. If I left anything out just ask away in the comments section. Sure hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit more.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The 8th of July

You'll have to forgive my tardiness in getting these pictures posted! I've been crazy busy lazy! But it's all good even if I'm four days is my blog after all!

Papa Bear started the morning out right by getting us all some breakfast from McDonald's. The man did right and got me an Iced Mocha.

After breakfast we got ready and headed downtown to 'Glory Days.' It was great to see lots of old cars and hear some of the best karaoke.

There really wasn't a whole lot to do but we had a great time being together as a family and walking around.

There was one thing that got rave reviews from Bear. Anyone want to guess before I show ya?
After 'Glory Days' we came home and we all had a lovely nap! Nothing beats snuggling with your three favorite boys for a couple hours!

When we all woke up it was time for some dinner, daddy-style. Papa Bear grilled some steaks, corn and a stuffed portabella mushroom! Mmmm, it was divine!

The weather was a lot ugly for a while so we were unsure about the fireworks. But in the end all was well and off to the fireworks we went. The boys did great! Bear kept saying 'oh wow' in the most monotone voice ever. It was hilarious. He seemed more amazed with the moon playing hide and seek than the fireworks. I'm just glad we all had a great time.

Here are their matching shirts that I did not buy. You can read more about their shirts NOT matching here! And take note that the Bears have bears on their shirts. Yea, I'm cool like that!

Look Daddy!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It is well-Blog Hop

One of my favorite pictures from when Sam was in the NICU. He wasn't normally a fussy baby but for some reason that day he was. I walked to his side and held is hand. He wrapped those little fingers around mind and ALL WAS WELL!

*Be sure to join in the fun with this weeks 'Blog Hop.' A great way to see others out there in the blogosphere and let them see you as well. Take a look-see at all the other pictures from today. (to play along just click on the MckLinky logo for directions!)

MckLinky Blog Hop

Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Another weekend has come and gone so you know what that means. Another round of 'Not Me Monday' Join in with the rest of the blogosphere and admit what you most certainly did NOT do this week.

Same as (most) every Monday. Check out MckMama's Not Me Monday post. Read what others did NOT do this week and post your own!

While in town for Sam's check-up I did NOT venture off looking for that 'perfect' swim suit only to come home with a 'mom-suit.' Complete with the whole skirt thing. Nope, I didn't do that. That would mean that I'm getting old. And we certainly do NOT want to mention that. And while I'm at it beating myself up over the swim suit that I did NOT buy, I will add that I most certainly do NOT feel like an old lady wearing a moo-moo!

I did NOT buy my two Bears matching outfits to wear on the 4th. And I did NOT, because I would never be this anal about it, wash them (on the 4th) after they both got them dirty. Just so they could wear them again to the fireworks. I am NOT the matchy-matchy-outfit-kind-of-mom!

I have NOT fallen into the trap of wanting an iphone. Again, I have not fallen in love with it. And since I have NOT fallen in love with it I have NOT been pestering Papa Bear about getting me one. We did NOT run into someone he knows over the weekend and he did NOT offer to sell me his. I did NOT get all giddy about it. Papa Bear is NOT leaning towards fulfilling my desires.I would NOT be as happy as a kid in a candy store if he did that! Nope. Because remember, I don't want one!

And once again I did NOT take pictures of any random people (namely the neighbor) nor do I have another picture to prove it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

lay 'em down

No fancy words or cute little family pictures today.
I've had a great week and I'm sure if I sat here long enough I could entertain you with a funny story and a picture to match...

BUT...this week has been different. I'd love to explain exactly what was so different about it but all I can say is that it was a GOD THING!

Things here at the Spain house have been slow. Which is a good thing. I was able to spend quality time with the Bears and Papa Bear as well. Along with that I've been able to spend some awesome, and much needed, quality time with the LORD!

Day in and day out I've shared with Him my struggles, my prayer requests, my good times, praises and everything in between.

And while doing so this song has played over and over again in my mind. I can't tell you how many times I've played in on the computer and I get all giddy when it comes on the satellite radio in the van! (wish I could figure out how to work that stinking 'favorite' feature on the radio to save it!)

So, instead of the funny story and cute little picture, please enjoy this song. Listen to the words. Don't take them lightly. Do as it tells you. God is pretty serious stuff, ya know!

Come down to the river
Come and let yourself in
Make good on a promise
To never hurt again
If you're lost and lonely
You're Broken down

Bring all of your troubles come lay 'em down
All you sinners
And the weak at heart
All you helpless
On the boulevards
Wherever you are now
Whatever evil you've found

Bring all of your troubles
And come lay 'em down
We're all tied to the same old failings
Finding shelter in things we know
We're all dirty like corrupted small towns

We'll bring our troubles
We'll bring our troubles lay 'em down
All you rich men
And the high above

All those with And without love
All you burdened Broken down
Bring all of your troubles
Come lay 'em down