Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's simple

Well, if you are three and a half years old!

Riley and I were discussing other ways to get our frustrations out other than throwing yourself on the floor and thrashing about. He, not I, though sometimes I wish I could act like that!

I asked him, 'Riley, do you have any ideas what you could do next time you get so very upset?'

He looks up at me and says that he will just go to his room and think about it till he could calm down. Okay, easy enough...

So then I asked him where he would go if we are at the park next time he throws a huge fit.

He looks at me with huge eyes and says, 'We can just build a bedroom for me at the park!'

How could you not squeeze that little face and kiss him all over!? He was so serious with his idea, too.

Then he went on to tell me that I needed to get a set of pink tools to carry around with me just in case we needed to build a bedroom while at the mall, Wal Mart, church and various other places we regularly go.

It was a simple solution...for a three and a half year old!