Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Riley's birthday is this Sunday and his party will be on Saturday! He is so excited. All he cantalk about are his gifts, what he wants and who's getting what for him. He told us all that his Aunt Cheryle was getting him a basketball goal. I'm pretty sure she got it for him...this boy isn't loved at all!

He requested a race car cake this year. With the cost of his birthday gift from us and with the mindset of keeping things simple I decided to try my hand at making his cake. I've baked before and frosted a few cakes but nothing pretty or fancy by any means. What was I thinking getting myself into this baking disaster.

Like always, I did my research and set out to find the perfect cake to make for the coolest three year old I know. I found pictures and directions on how to make a crazy-8 race track cake. Spent some time reading the directions, going back and forth on just ordering a cake vs making it and then my hubby told me, 'just do it already!'

So I rushed out to Wal Mart and bought my supplies. Stood there quite confused as to what I really needed but in the end I, surprisingly, got exactly what I needed. Sunday afternoon I baked the cakes and mixed the frosting to get just the right color green. Crushed the Oreos, with a jar of spaghetti sauce. It worked quite well till the husband decided to help me crush them up a little more and when he hit the bag the sauce decided it was time to come out of the jar. Good thing just a little escaped because we needed that for dinner. And I was NOT going to the grocery again.

I must say that I'm pretty proud of my cake and the way it turned out. Not only did it look cute but it was super yummy. And three days later, it's STILL yummy. I should know. I'm eating a piece right now!

Can't wait till the big day and to make this cake again f
or the real party!