Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chickens, Mayfield and Talent-Kevin Skinner

Yes, I promise, they all coincide. I meant to post this sooner but it totally slipped my mind. (forgive me will ya, Kevin!?) I've never met Kevin Skinner nor have I ever heard of him. Until recently. America's Got Talent has got to be one of my FAVORITE summer shows of all time and it only gets better when someone from this same exact city is lucky enough to be on that very show!

Kevin is just a good ole' country boy. Making a living the way most do around here...in the chicken plant. As funny as it sounds it's a pretty common place to work. It also pays the bills. And I'm sure it has helped this man in going the distance and getting what he wants and deserves.

If you watched America's Got Talent then I hope you got to see Kevin perform. Poor guy was laughed at the minute he walked out on the stage. The crowd and judges doubted what he had hidden beneath his worn jeans, rugged boots and faded ball cap. He didn't let that stop him. Kevin got out there and BLEW THEM AWAY!

Just listen for yourself! Kevin, man, you've got my vote! Anyone who can bring me to tears like you did ALWAYS gets my vote! Good luck in all that you do!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday

I rolled out of bed this morning dreading the fact that it's another Monday. Then I realized that it's not so bad, after all, Mondays mean it's time for NOT ME! Monday.

MckMama over at My Charming Kids is hosting the oh-so-famous Not Me! Monday. Click your way over there and check it out. It's fabulous!

It's been a while since I've done a Not ME! Monday and I have a bad habit of forgetting things so bare with me as a compile my list!

I did NOT, because I never do, do the 'stuff n fluff' several times this week just to get out of REALLY cleaning. I love cleaning.

I most certainly did NOT let my Bear play outside in his pool naked because I was too tired (or lazy?!) to go in and get a swim diaper.

The rebate checks from AT&T did NOT come in the mail and I did NOT hide them from Papa Bear so I could not do one of two things A) use it for our five year anniversary or B) use it to buy the kids more goodies!

I did NOT get totally busted.

While stopping at the gas station to get the obvious, gas, I did NOT snap a picture of some redneck guy who drove his MOWER to said gas station to get gas. Not me. I never take pictures of random people without their knowledge. And I certainly do NOT have the picture to prove it.

Fireproof Fun!

Seven weeks ago Chad and I started a journey that we were very unsure about. More about that later. While on this journey we met some great people. I take that back, we got to know them better.

We all got together on Saturday and had an early dinner at Whalers Catch. The guys sat at one table in another out if sight of us four girls. People sure did think we were a strange group. It was nice to be out with a great group of Christian women for a change. We talked about the Fireproof class, about our children, our love for God, our marriages and about getting together again...many times over. I forgot to take pictures of us at the table and of our food-I didn't want them to think I was entirely strange just yet. I did manage to get a couple shots of us all though.
The Guys (from left to right: Scotty, Chad, Seth, Bryan)

The Girls (from left to right: Shannon, Lisa, Me, Holly)
I just realized that we should have stood in order so they would match up to who was married to who but I will explain that now. Shannon is married to Seth, Lisa to Scotty, Myself to Chad and Holly and Bryan will be married some day!

After we ate the rule was (and yes, since this was a marriage class we did have rules about date night!) that we had to split up and have alone time with our spouse. There was no rule as to what we had to do...it was just supposed to be you and your spouse. We broke the rules...imagine that! But we couldn't help it. Holly and Bryan are just so much fun to be around. We couldn't decide what to do so we ended up just staying downtown for the Downtown After Dark festivities. We also wanted to swelter in the heat. All 99 degrees! We mostly sat around joking and talking. And of course people watching!

This picture of Chad and Bryan crack me up. I mean, just look at the size difference! We call them Batman and Robin!

And since we were on a 'date' we figured we might as well do something romantic. So a carriage ride was in order. It was a nice wrap up to an all around great evening.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy What Should Have Been

Lela. Today is your birthday. Your fourth birthday to be exact.

Daddy and I miss you lots. It's not fair that you can't be here with us. I've always imagined you and I dressed alike in pretty dresses on your birthdays.

I like to think about all the fun we would have watching you tear open your gifts. Tossing the paper up in the air, smashing the bows on your head.

That's what you should be doing this year. We should be playing dolls, coloring with water colors, learning how to ride that pretty pink bike that Daddy would have put together. Complete with the pink streamers, white basket and annoying horn. I know you would have loved it.

I'm not usually so sad on your birthday since I know you are in Heaven celebrating even bigger and better than we can imagine but for some reason this year I'm hurting a lot more.

Happy Birthday Lela Marie ~ We love you always

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I've got mine on. Got yours? We all own a pair. Admit it, you think your kids are the cutest ones on the entire planet. Forget about Brangelina's kids, or the Lopez twins and even little Miss Suri Cruise. Your kids got them beat, hands down. No bones about it.

I'm right there with you. Of course you have cute kids, but mines cuter...through my mommy-goggles! This post comes with a little story behind itt. Read it or scroll down to see the cutest kids, EVER!

Today has been a rough day. It's day two of Bear refusing a nap. I can't tell you how many days it's been since Baby Bear has had any sort of good sleep and today was no exception. Bear couldn't decide if he wanted pancakes or cereal for breakfast so, I, being the push-over mom that I am, gave him both. Then he fed both to the floor. The floor with carpet. Apparently the carpet likes Cheerios and cinnamon pancakes better than the linoleum.

Oh, and in case you didn't know...I'm in the running for Mom of the Year. Like the most cautious mom I sat Baby Bear in his bouncy seat (which is atop the coffee table-told ya I was cautious), strapped him in and snapped a bib around his neck. Wouldn't you know just as soon as I start feeding the hungry bear the phone rings-of course it's just the blasted health care telemarketers calling for the 16th time in one day. But I answer it. I really wanted to give them a piece of un-Christlike attitude. (bows head in shame)

I digress...back to the story.

Phone rings. I jump up and run to the kitchen since I can't use the cordless. Why you ask, oh my sweet Bear threw it in the pool this morning. The recording (God knew what he was doing not putting a real voice on the other end) chattered away and I huffed and stomped my foot. And then as if in slow motion I watch Baby Bear lean forward (new trick there!) and plop right out of the (safety?) belt and fall right onto the floor.

So how's that for Mom of the Year!?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Go fish

These are the best kind of days. Fishing with the family. Taking in the sweet smell of summer. Papa Bear teaching Bear how to fish. Bear getting excited when Papa would catch something. I just loved watching the two of them interact. Such great memories to be treasured that day. And many more to come.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

John Deer

What I learned while mowing the grass. Which I never do. But since the Grandfolks have been out of town for about two weeks now we thought we would be nice and take care of it. It was my idea. Have I mentioned that I'm a pro when it comes to bad ideas! Well, it wasn't THAT bad of an idea...we WERE doing something nice for the Grandfolks but I didn't realize the work it took!

On to lessons learned...

1. When Papa Bear tells you to ride the John Deer that is about twelve years old, and he rolls out on the newer mower, you know you're in for a good ride. (can you hear the sarcasm?)

2. John Deer thought it would be fun to have everything automatically shut off when not enough pressure is applied to the seat. A really good idea for safety reasons, but VERY comical when the rider of the Deer is just a few pounds heavier than a 13 year old.

3. When mowing around and under a tree one should always 'duck' or risk getting smacked in the face by said tree. Not that I wasn't ducking...

4. Tree stumps will throw you off balance.

5. Watch out for the ditch.

6. Be sure to wear a sports bra...especially if the yard is a bumpy one.

7. When mowing make sure you point the spraying of grass clippings in the OPPOSITE direction that you are going. Too many clumps of clippings under the thing can cause some blockage.

8. Use the reverse.

9. Always check to see if the blade is down before you think you are actually cutting the grass!

10. If you see a snake-run it over. No matter what size. It's still a snake.

11. If you think you're not good at mowing the grass...you probably really aren't good! haha

As the summer continues I am sure I will be adding more mowing lessons. But take what you learned today and apply it next time YOU cut the grass! Just be sure that stinking seat has enough weight keeping it down!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


June 17th, 2003 at 4:20am I gave birth to my first son, Ryan Thomas.

In case you ever read this, this ones for YOU! I love you. I miss you. Not a day goes by where you are not on my mind. I pray for you. I long for you. I talk about you a lot. But I miss you more. I've missed out on most everything in your life and I hope to one day make up for that. You know, I grew up without my Dad around, just like you are growing up without your own Mom, and it hurt. So I know exactly how you will feel one day. That day you realize that your real Mom is not there with you. That she is another state. With other children. Without you. I never get to see your sweet face. Hold you, hug you. I just want to wrap my arms around you. To touch the top of you head, all that hair. I bet it's kind of crazy just like your Dad's.

One day, my son, we will be reunited. I will hug you like never before. I will wish you Happy Birthday over and over again, how ever old you are is how many times I will say it. If not more. I can't believe you are six already. SIX! Wow, first grade. A real big boy now, you are.

Happy Birthday Ryan. I love you. Forever and always!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

This man

...is the best. He certainly deserves a lot more than a few quick words. I may not have grown up with him around, he may have seen me grow up in pictures, heard my voice quickly change from the squeaky four year old to the older version of a squeaky daughter but he is MY DAD and I LOVE him!

Meet MY DAD!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Nope, not me

I am joining in on the fun over at MckMama's. A blog carnival created and hosted by MckMama, where mothers, wives, and other bloggers from computers around the world deny doing the things that they did during the week. A sort of confession-type therapy, only we're not really confessing are we? Well you might be, but I'm not. Nope, NOT me!

And I so totally did NOT steal pretty much that whole paragraph from another fellow blogger. Thanks, I totally do NOT (well of course we know I really do!) owe ya! haha

I did NOT think about blogging all week long. NOT one little bit. Nope, I NEVER do that. I also did not wish that I had taken my camera with me everywhere this week to NOT take pictures of some pretty cool and pretty funny things that I could have NOT blogged about.

I did NOT put Bear to bed without a routine bed-time-bath even though he really needed it. And it was NOT because Mama Bear really needed some big girl time. Nope, most certainly did NOT do that.

I did NOT totally forget to feed Baby Bear some yummy porridge then wonder why he was crabby. I mean, who would ever forget something like that. NOT me! Nope, NOT me.

I did NOT step on the toes of a good friend of mine and ultimately hurt her feelings. And I most certainly do NOT feel like the biggest heel ever.

I did NOT forget to do my Fireproof homework from last week. Nor did I forget to do it the week before that either. NOT ME!

And I did NOT, under any circumstance do something nice for my husband this week. (this one is NOT a confession, rather a pathetic brag that I was nice to Papa Bear after NOT being mean for three days straight!) Like I was saying, I did NOT get him a special brownie from McDonalds and NOT get myself one for a change. And of course he did NOT ask me if I got it for free...since I was being so nice! He didn't live it up either.

I am NOT posting this without any pictures...because, if you remember correctly, I did NOT forget my camera while out and about this week.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crazy in love

If there's one thing I've learned since getting married and having kids it's that love and discipline are both VERY important. Sounds odd...but it's the complete, Gods honest truth. Without both things the household can-and probably will-become a jumbled mess. And sometimes that jumbled mess can turn into a total disaster.

After a rough week here at home with the Bears, and Papa Bear-don't worry, Mama Bear is not excluded-I've decided that it's time to set some rules. Children need boundaries. They need tough love. We all need to be respected and loved. As a married couple Papa Bear and I have learned about the 'Crazy Cycle.' Really simple concept...really hard to swallow! Essentially if act out of disrespect he reacts without love and it just goes 'round and 'round. The same thing can be applied to children.

You'd think that after being married for almost five years (Papa Bear...it's July 14th!) the hubs and I would have a great working relationship and know EXACTLY what we each need to be happy and feel loved/respected. Truth is...we don't. We know some, but not all.

And same with the kids. One would think that after knowing your kid for two years (and then some) we would know exactly what he craves, what discipline techniques work and what don't. How he likes his milk and so on. We know the basics but it's time we dig deeper.

Um, wow. So I just confessed that my family is a little out of touch with one another. Yep, it happens. But it's not the end of the world.

Time for Mama and Papa Bear to have an 'upper management' meeting and set some rules and goals. For us. For the children.

Nothing too crazy. I think we just need a daily reminder to be the family that we desire to be. As soon as I got this idea I went straight to my trusty friend-Professor Google. While he and I talked I learned a few tips that are essential in creating family rules...

Make the rules age appropriate for your kids.

Make sure Mom and Dad both agree on the rules.

Keep the list as short as possible … too many rules, too much to remember.

Keep the rules positive and no finger pointing. (instead of 'no yelling' try 'we all talk sweet to each other.')

and lastly

Figure out if your family needs an incentive to follow the rules weather it be stickers, treats, time on the video games or computer, a special outing...the list can go on and on. What works for little Jack may not work for his sister Jill.

I don't have any fancy rules set up just yet because I am waiting for Papa Bear to get home so we can discuss them together. But when I do, don't worry, I will bore you with them. I'm hoping to make them look fun and pretty and possibly put them on the wall somewhere. May even show you that!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Watch out summer

It sure was a great way to start out the month of June! The bear cubs and I went to a dear friends house today and had a BLAST playing outside! Five boys total...four that can run around and make quite the mud hole! We managed to stay out of the mud for the most part today going from the pool to the play-set to the slip n' slide!

Baby Bear wanted to play with the big kids in a bad way but he had to settle for the saucer thing (saucer thing= super very technical and fancy word for what it's really called...which I forgot!) and the swing!

I could feel the heat today and apparently Bear thought he would 'fight the fire' and cool things down...yea, didn't work. But I did get a couple great pictures of him trying.

Between fighting 'fires' and playing in the pool Bear thought he would try out some other future career moves. You see, first option is the fireman.

If that falls through then there is always the chance to try out for worlds strongest man.

How about male model?

No?! He does seem to be more of a rough and tough kind of guy...how about a mechanic?

All of which he would be great at...dontcha think!?