Thursday, June 25, 2009


I've got mine on. Got yours? We all own a pair. Admit it, you think your kids are the cutest ones on the entire planet. Forget about Brangelina's kids, or the Lopez twins and even little Miss Suri Cruise. Your kids got them beat, hands down. No bones about it.

I'm right there with you. Of course you have cute kids, but mines cuter...through my mommy-goggles! This post comes with a little story behind itt. Read it or scroll down to see the cutest kids, EVER!

Today has been a rough day. It's day two of Bear refusing a nap. I can't tell you how many days it's been since Baby Bear has had any sort of good sleep and today was no exception. Bear couldn't decide if he wanted pancakes or cereal for breakfast so, I, being the push-over mom that I am, gave him both. Then he fed both to the floor. The floor with carpet. Apparently the carpet likes Cheerios and cinnamon pancakes better than the linoleum.

Oh, and in case you didn't know...I'm in the running for Mom of the Year. Like the most cautious mom I sat Baby Bear in his bouncy seat (which is atop the coffee table-told ya I was cautious), strapped him in and snapped a bib around his neck. Wouldn't you know just as soon as I start feeding the hungry bear the phone rings-of course it's just the blasted health care telemarketers calling for the 16th time in one day. But I answer it. I really wanted to give them a piece of un-Christlike attitude. (bows head in shame)

I digress...back to the story.

Phone rings. I jump up and run to the kitchen since I can't use the cordless. Why you ask, oh my sweet Bear threw it in the pool this morning. The recording (God knew what he was doing not putting a real voice on the other end) chattered away and I huffed and stomped my foot. And then as if in slow motion I watch Baby Bear lean forward (new trick there!) and plop right out of the (safety?) belt and fall right onto the floor.

So how's that for Mom of the Year!?

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