Monday, June 29, 2009

Fireproof Fun!

Seven weeks ago Chad and I started a journey that we were very unsure about. More about that later. While on this journey we met some great people. I take that back, we got to know them better.

We all got together on Saturday and had an early dinner at Whalers Catch. The guys sat at one table in another out if sight of us four girls. People sure did think we were a strange group. It was nice to be out with a great group of Christian women for a change. We talked about the Fireproof class, about our children, our love for God, our marriages and about getting together again...many times over. I forgot to take pictures of us at the table and of our food-I didn't want them to think I was entirely strange just yet. I did manage to get a couple shots of us all though.
The Guys (from left to right: Scotty, Chad, Seth, Bryan)

The Girls (from left to right: Shannon, Lisa, Me, Holly)
I just realized that we should have stood in order so they would match up to who was married to who but I will explain that now. Shannon is married to Seth, Lisa to Scotty, Myself to Chad and Holly and Bryan will be married some day!

After we ate the rule was (and yes, since this was a marriage class we did have rules about date night!) that we had to split up and have alone time with our spouse. There was no rule as to what we had to was just supposed to be you and your spouse. We broke the rules...imagine that! But we couldn't help it. Holly and Bryan are just so much fun to be around. We couldn't decide what to do so we ended up just staying downtown for the Downtown After Dark festivities. We also wanted to swelter in the heat. All 99 degrees! We mostly sat around joking and talking. And of course people watching!

This picture of Chad and Bryan crack me up. I mean, just look at the size difference! We call them Batman and Robin!

And since we were on a 'date' we figured we might as well do something romantic. So a carriage ride was in order. It was a nice wrap up to an all around great evening.

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Nicole said...

I love the carriage! I bet it was an awesome evening!