Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chickens, Mayfield and Talent-Kevin Skinner

Yes, I promise, they all coincide. I meant to post this sooner but it totally slipped my mind. (forgive me will ya, Kevin!?) I've never met Kevin Skinner nor have I ever heard of him. Until recently. America's Got Talent has got to be one of my FAVORITE summer shows of all time and it only gets better when someone from this same exact city is lucky enough to be on that very show!

Kevin is just a good ole' country boy. Making a living the way most do around here...in the chicken plant. As funny as it sounds it's a pretty common place to work. It also pays the bills. And I'm sure it has helped this man in going the distance and getting what he wants and deserves.

If you watched America's Got Talent then I hope you got to see Kevin perform. Poor guy was laughed at the minute he walked out on the stage. The crowd and judges doubted what he had hidden beneath his worn jeans, rugged boots and faded ball cap. He didn't let that stop him. Kevin got out there and BLEW THEM AWAY!

Just listen for yourself! Kevin, man, you've got my vote! Anyone who can bring me to tears like you did ALWAYS gets my vote! Good luck in all that you do!


Nicole said...

Awesome! I'll have to check when this show is on here so I can watch! Love the new blog!!!!

My Two Seasons said...

I caught the last 5 minutes of the show on Tuesday and saw him. Holy cow was he good! I usually don't follow this show but I think I will now! I'd love to see him win it!

Jon and Nikki said...

OMG! I loved Kevin! He was outstanding. I was telling my husband all about him. Kevin is the reason I'm even watching that show now. He really does have the talent to win it, I think. His voice reminds me of Alan Jackson's.