Thursday, June 18, 2009

John Deer

What I learned while mowing the grass. Which I never do. But since the Grandfolks have been out of town for about two weeks now we thought we would be nice and take care of it. It was my idea. Have I mentioned that I'm a pro when it comes to bad ideas! Well, it wasn't THAT bad of an idea...we WERE doing something nice for the Grandfolks but I didn't realize the work it took!

On to lessons learned...

1. When Papa Bear tells you to ride the John Deer that is about twelve years old, and he rolls out on the newer mower, you know you're in for a good ride. (can you hear the sarcasm?)

2. John Deer thought it would be fun to have everything automatically shut off when not enough pressure is applied to the seat. A really good idea for safety reasons, but VERY comical when the rider of the Deer is just a few pounds heavier than a 13 year old.

3. When mowing around and under a tree one should always 'duck' or risk getting smacked in the face by said tree. Not that I wasn't ducking...

4. Tree stumps will throw you off balance.

5. Watch out for the ditch.

6. Be sure to wear a sports bra...especially if the yard is a bumpy one.

7. When mowing make sure you point the spraying of grass clippings in the OPPOSITE direction that you are going. Too many clumps of clippings under the thing can cause some blockage.

8. Use the reverse.

9. Always check to see if the blade is down before you think you are actually cutting the grass!

10. If you see a snake-run it over. No matter what size. It's still a snake.

11. If you think you're not good at mowing the probably really aren't good! haha

As the summer continues I am sure I will be adding more mowing lessons. But take what you learned today and apply it next time YOU cut the grass! Just be sure that stinking seat has enough weight keeping it down!

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Nicole said...

LOL! You are too funny! I too, cut the grass, except I did it with one of those old school push blade mowers. Don't, I repeat, DON'T, run anything over with it! It will stop the blade and you will run your body full force into the handle!