Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Another weekend has come and gone so you know what that means. Another round of 'Not Me Monday' Join in with the rest of the blogosphere and admit what you most certainly did NOT do this week.

Same as (most) every Monday. Check out MckMama's Not Me Monday post. Read what others did NOT do this week and post your own!

While in town for Sam's check-up I did NOT venture off looking for that 'perfect' swim suit only to come home with a 'mom-suit.' Complete with the whole skirt thing. Nope, I didn't do that. That would mean that I'm getting old. And we certainly do NOT want to mention that. And while I'm at it beating myself up over the swim suit that I did NOT buy, I will add that I most certainly do NOT feel like an old lady wearing a moo-moo!

I did NOT buy my two Bears matching outfits to wear on the 4th. And I did NOT, because I would never be this anal about it, wash them (on the 4th) after they both got them dirty. Just so they could wear them again to the fireworks. I am NOT the matchy-matchy-outfit-kind-of-mom!

I have NOT fallen into the trap of wanting an iphone. Again, I have not fallen in love with it. And since I have NOT fallen in love with it I have NOT been pestering Papa Bear about getting me one. We did NOT run into someone he knows over the weekend and he did NOT offer to sell me his. I did NOT get all giddy about it. Papa Bear is NOT leaning towards fulfilling my desires.I would NOT be as happy as a kid in a candy store if he did that! Nope. Because remember, I don't want one!

And once again I did NOT take pictures of any random people (namely the neighbor) nor do I have another picture to prove it.


amanda said...

I would so love to see that bathing suit that you did not buy

Hannah said...

I take pictures of random and strange people all the time! I think that's okay, right? :) wow, it would be so cool to have the iphone! that's exciting!!