Thursday, July 23, 2009

Potty Break


It's been a rather long day.

Last night before bed Bear decided that it was time to party potty.

I may have been better prepared for the party.

But we partied pottied anyways.

I mean who am I to stop nature, or the urination of a 28 month old.

Sometime in the evening hours Bear told me that he wanted to take his diaper off.

Diaper came off.

It all began with this statement,

"I go pee."

"That's fantastic, son. Now lay down so Mommy can change your diaper."


Okay okay.

Enter the POTTY!

I must give credit where credit is due...Elmo {and your potty time DVD}, you've been a great help. {but please come out with the poop edition soon!}

Bear pottied two and a half {yes, half} times last night before getting bored and going to bed.

It went better than anyone could have expected the first night.

Game on this morning. He ripped that diaper off and ran to the potty.

Which is in the living room.

Which is also soon going to bite me in the butt. {pun intended.} I have a feeling he may forever think the potty is in the living room. Poor guy will be devastated to find out that it's really not.

The floor only got flooded once today. With pee.

Yep, you guessed it. He pooped on the floor.

I know what your thinking..."did your kid not have any undies on?" That answer to that my friends is a big-fat-NO!

Why...well I figured it would be easier to potty learn without them. Simple as that.

This plan may also backfire on me. Like when he's four and thinks he can run around naked...then pee in the living room.

Back to the poop.

{I'm thinking that my blog should have some sort of disclaimer. I mean, after all, I do have two boys, a husband and let's face it...bodily functions make me giggle a little}

Both the bears were quiet. Laying on the rug in the kitchen and playing with cars.

Bear walks into the carpeted living, by way of the carpeted middle room, with something mushed between his toes.

Couldn't be melted chocolate. I ate that the night before while all through the house not a creature was stirring. Yea, I'm just gross like that.

After a full quick investigation I knew exactly what it was. Really, I knew what it was all along but was hoping he had somehow found some left over chocolate. Hey, a potty training mom can dream, right?

There it was. In all it's glory. Here, there, over there, some more over here...


Nicole said...

LOL, OH NO! Good Luck with the potty training!

MoziEsmé said...

Too funny! I've blocked all similar incidents out of my memory.

And Esme at 28 months has no more interest in the potty. She did it, proved she could do it for 3 days straight, and she's over it... I'm hoping she wakes up one day with her mind changed!