Thursday, July 9, 2009

you asked for it

Ask and you shall receive. Answers that is. While it's still early in my blog life I have had a few people ask me the same couple questions over and over again. I don't mind answering, honestly. In fact, I'm quite honored. I don't mind sharing my stories with anyone...well most of them. So, here goes it. If your question did not get answered then just ask in the comment section and I will get on it!

In no particular order...

How long have you and Papa Bear been married?
We will be celebrating five years on June 14

How did you two meet?
My mom actually introduced us when she and Chad worked at the same place. I was a junior in high school. Soccer practice had just ended and the coach dropped me off where my mom worked so I could wait for her to get off. I had heard about Chad from my mom but nothing more than some silly jokes. Apparently she had talked about me because the minute I walked in he knew who I was. Nothing says cute and sexy like long knotty hair caked in mud, dirt filled soccer jersey and shin guards! But there must have been something magical in it all.

How long did you date before you got married?
Now you see my friends, that's where it gets a little complicated. We dated for almost two years. At some point it became hard to deal with the age difference between the two of us. Six years. When your 24 and your girlfriend is six years younger than you the family just doesn't approve. We parted ways. I moved back to Michigan and Chad carried on with life down yonder. We remained friends and talked often. During this time I had my oldest son, Ryan. In the early months of 2004 we decided we were meant to be together so we made it happen.

When did you get married and was it your dream wedding?
We got married on June 24, 2004. It was a quick wedding followed by a 900 mile 'honeymoon' drive to Amarillo, Texas. Just a small and simple wedding in the gazebo in Metropolis, Illinois. (I love that town and desperately want to move back!)

So wait, you honeymooned in Texas?
Um no! Chad got a job offer for the same company he was already working for down in Amarillo. We decided 'why not?!' so we took it and ran with it. Well we drove. Running down there would be the death of me.

How many children to you have?
Together we have three. I have a six year old son

Wait, that doesn't add up...?
Sure it does. I have a six year old from a previous relationship (not to be confused with marriage). He lives with his Daddy in Michigan.

I'm still missing something?
When we lived in Texas Chad and I had a beautiful baby girl. Four months later she went to be with the Lord.

What are their names?
Ryan(6) Lela(would be 4) Riley(2) and Samuel(8 months)

How do you 'do it' (you must be referring to my son and daughter not being here)
WE don't. The Lord DOES! And that is my honest answer. I have no idea how we could or would do it alone. I know for sure that I would be a mess and I'm sure I could say the same for Papa Bear. It's not easy. Or pretty all the time. But we make it. It could be worse. Many marriages end after the loss of a child. Not us. We live IN Christ and he lives in us. HE provides the means for us to 'do it.'

What happened? (again, must be referring to our daughter)
THEY say it was RSV. RSV that went undetected. RSV that showed NO signs of existing in her tiny body. WE say it was her time. In the medical world THEY say she more than likely had a sleep apnea spell in the early morning hours. She cried. We let her fuss. Were in the middle of trying the CIO...never again. We believe that was her last cry.

And to your son?
Long story and don't want to get into too many details. Young and stupid could sum up most of what happened. Not that fact that he existed, that was irresponsible. Wouldn't take it back though. The young and stupid refers to the choices I made when his Daddy and I were parting ways. We still talk. Not as often as I'd like. And no, I haven't seen him since he was ten months old.

Do you want another girl?
As in, do you want to replace your Would I be totally okay if the Lord saw fit we have another child...a girl child...of course.

Do you want more children?
Now that depends on the time and day you ask me. But really, I think I would like one more. Maybe two. It's not up to me. We will leave that up to Him.

You've mentioned your Dad on here before. What about your mom?
I love her. We just don't get along. That and I struggle with the idea of total forgiveness. But she's here. Active in our life and the lives of our children. Bear just loves his Nana.

What are you hobbies/interests?
It changes. A lot. I do love scrap booking and always have. I love reading Christian fiction and murder mystery type books. Photography really interests me but I have a hard time staying focused enough to really learn it. I love to go fishing with my husband. Hope to one day be able to take the boys without the fear of one wanting to go 'swimming.' I also love getting together with friends and their children.

WHEW! I'm wore out now. I think that's it for now. If I left anything out just ask away in the comments section. Sure hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit more.


amanda said...

WOW good post tyra. Have I told you I look forward to coming home and reading your blogs :)

SMALLS said...

Hi Tyra! I just started following your blog from your post on I know this is an old one but a great way for a newbie to get caught. Even if the short minutes I've been perusing your blog, I've laughed and cried. People here at work must think I'm crazy!
Thank you for sharing your experiences. You are an amazing, strong woman!