Friday, August 7, 2009

I Dare You to Love This Giveaway!



I can vouch for all of the above. In our five years of marriage Chad and I have seen it all. At least I hope it's all. We have been through a lot of hard times. With those hard times came 'down times.' And when I say down times I mean times when our marriage felt like it was about to go down the drain. Sad but true. This blog IS all about honesty. And I can't lie about a perfect marriage. (the giveaway is coming...wait for it)


We are still here. Still together. Still happy and very much in love. I can't take the credit for this...and neither can Chad or anyone else who has helped us along those hard times. We can only give all the credit and GLORY to the one true GOD! If it were not for Him I know without a doubt that our marriage would have been over with long ago. (wait for it)


I'm so happy to be able to stand (okay I'm sitting!) here this evening and tell you that you CAN overcome troubles in your marriage. I've seen couples recover from a cheating spouse, alcohol and drug abuse, physical and emotional abuse, the loss of a child, severe sicknesses and everything in between. It's not easy...but I know how they did it!

It was a God thing! Romans 8:28 says 'And we know that in all things God works for the good for those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.' I know for a fact that God had his hand over us and saw that we made it through each and every hard time.

During a recent hard time Chad and I decided to step outside our comfort zone and try something new. We signed up for the Fireproof class at church. I was nervous. Chad was nervous. Luckily (I think!) half the people who signed up didn't show so we had a small group. Which was AMAZING. We were able to let lose and share some very intimate and personal experiences. It was a great class and we learned so much.

I said ALL that to say this...

At the end of the class we were gifted with a copy of The Love Dare. Chad had already bought me the Limited Edition for Valentines Day. Don't worry, I asked for it was not a 'hint.'

I have to admit that I have yet to finish the book...or even get halfway through it but I have great plans to. And I will.

But I can't possibly keep this all to myself so that's why one wonderful reader will be gifted with this awesome book! (YAY, my first giveaway!) I have held onto this extra copy for a couple months now waiting for just the right time to give it away and now's the time!

The winner will be picked randomly (I promise!). To enter just do one, or both, of the following two things...
1) Leave a comment telling me how much you love your spouse and why you would love a copy of this book.


2) Become a follower.

It's that easy! Thanks for stopping by.

God Bless!!

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Kara - Doula in training said...

Wahoo....I am the first to comment!

I love that you are so in love with your hubby! I am so in love with mine too! He is amazing! Just last night he left this little love note on my wall on facebook...

"For hearing my thoughts, understanding my dreams and being my best friend, for filling my life with joy and loving me without end, I do."

I love him more and more everyday! We will be celebrating our 7th year married in January. You could not have told me that day that I walked down the isle with my husband that I would fall more and more in love with him each day that has passed....I wouldn't have believed you. I felt so in love with him at that time...but I am so much more in love with him today !

A Joyful Chaos said...

I love my husband so much, for so many different reasons. He is a great Daddy to our children, a tender loving husband for me. He is everything I ever dreamed of and more. I would love to have the book to help me think of more ways to show my love for him.

It is impossible to ever work too much on making a marriage wonderful.

Coach's Wife said...

My husband and I watched the movie together and I would love to have this book. We are very much in love, best friends, but as you know, it's not always perfect. We are going through a rough patch and I feel I was lead to your blog for a reason. I have never participated in any of these before today. My husband is an amazing father and a wonderful husband.

Amanda Sikes said...

I love my husband and our life together is awesome. But I have been wanting to read this book as there is always room for improvement. If we don't continually work on our marriage it will grow cold.
I love the life that my husband and I have together. Our kids, our ministry, our church, our family. All these things give us the opportunity to spend time together and work together on a common goal.
Thanks for the great give away!

Winning Readings said...

Not an entry - just a note that I've posted about this at Winning Readings:

Annette said...

How can I not enter? The idea behind the book is awesome. My understanding is that the book really goes into some details, too.

I love my husband. More importantly we are commited to staying together so we MUST work things out when the tough days come. Like yesterday. :)


Alexis said...

I love my husband because I choose to...because I can't help it...because he understands me...because he chose me...because he loves me...because I was meant to.

I could go on and on. Our finances wouldn't allow us to give gifts to each other for our anniversary this year, but this is what I wanted to give him. I can't tell you how much I would love to win this.

Thanks for doing this! I pray God blesses you richly!

The Mini - Maker said...

Wow. You have no idea how much I needed your words of encouragement... and thank you for this giveaway. I am now a follower of yours as well. Even if I don't win, I will have hubby buy this for me for Christmas :)

amanda dominy said...

Wow, when I kept asking you about this giveaway I never thought for a minute how personal and meaningful it would be to the receiver. I would love to win this book so that I can learn more about my marriage and how to make it through the rough times. My husband and I are going on 7 years and it seems like just yesterday that we where married. Thank you for offering this book as part of your first giveaway.

Marina said...

Its like I heard on a recent Focus on the Family husband is not the perfect man BUT he is the perfect man for my person...and thats so true...God united us perfectly...I couldn't have asked for more

My Messy House said...
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My Messy House said...

I love my husband with all of my heart. When we had kids he knew how much I wanted to be a SAHM and he worked his butt off to make sure that when our oldest was born I wouldn't have to go back to work until I was ready. We now have 3 children and he is still working like crazy, I am going to school and there is very little mommy-daddy time. I feel like we are slipping from each other and I desperately miss him and that feeling I used to get for him. We have been together for 10 years, married for 5 and would love love love this book!!

My Messy House said...

I am following you!

Kris said...

I love my hubby more than words could ever express...but sometimes I just don't show it very much! I would love to win this book...I think it could really help me work on some things!