Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crazy Busy Whoa

WHOA! This week, well the past few actually, have been pretty crazy. Bear has been just that, a bear and so has Little Bear. We are deep in the middle of terrible-twos and teething. What a combination! I can't blame the crazy-busy-whoa all on the two boys though. I've had a bad case of the blahs. Bad. I haven't wanted to do anything, go anywhere, talk to anyone...nothing. Melissa-don't you say a word, I know what you're thinking!

I have a bit of a feeling why I've been this way but for now I will just keep that to myself. It's nothing serious and nothing that I won't get out from under. Just in a funk. A not so nice funk, but a funk that I will outgrow! Been doing a lot of praying to get out from under it and I have faith that God will pull me through and when I'm out from under this black cloud I will be my old self once again. While I continue to pray could I ask you to do the same? Just keep our family in general in your prayers. And that means that Mandy better be prepared for me to be over everyday once again!

So even though we have had the blahs we did manage to survive the last couple weeks. Bear has been in undies for the last two weeks and has done GREAT. Far better than I thought he would. He thinks that when we take Oli outside to go potty that he has to go, too. Boys, there's just something about peeing outside that they just love. Little Bear has two bottom teeth which took forever to come in and sure do hurt when he bites me now! Oli has adjusted fabulously. Hasn't had a single accident in the house and plays so well with the kids.

Now I'm sure after all that reading you would like to see some pictures. Because, after all, a blog post just isn't a blog post without pictures, right!?

How we do 'time out' around here! KIDDING!

Our daily walks now consist of avoiding the house with one thousand (okay I exaggerated a little on that one) cats so that Oli doesn't go crazy.

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Kara - Doula in training said...

It's so good to see Oli enjoying his new family!!!!!