Monday, April 27, 2009

March to the beat of a diffrent drum

I've tried my hand, feet too, in the marching band once before. Didn't last long. I soon realized I was not coordinated enough! That really has nothing to do with this post other than the word "march!" (yea, I'm a dork like that!)

But I AM capable of raising $200 for the MARCH FOR BABIES! Let me clarify...with the help of a few great and faithful friends and family members, Chad and I were able to raise that $200!

We walked with another family who just so happened to be the March of Dimes March for Babies family for our area this year. What an honor for them!! I know the Lord had a hand in them being able to share their story with other families.

In total Luke's Gang raised just over $3,000 this year! Isn't that AMAZING?!

Here are a couple pictures from Saturday's walk!

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