Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time for a change

We have only been in this house ofr a little over a year and already I want to put a new coat of paint on all the walls. I THOUGHT I really liked the colors that I picked out the first time but I soon realized they are just horrid. Seriously, it's awful. The colors just clash in the worst way. I mean really, who puts maroon walls in the kitchen with the adjoining room some baby puke green?

Um, yea, that was me.

Not quite sure if I was well aware of the bad decision at the time or not...tried to blame it on fumes from working in the candle factory but I had long quit that job so that one didn't work. Bad taste is all I can say. So this time around I did a little research at the University of Google and came up with this...

I really love the color combination. It allows me to have some fun colors but not go too bright. Anything is better than the ugly and dark maroon that I just had to have last year. I also want to take the cabinet doors off of some cubbards to open it up a bit and put my new canisters in there!

Now the living room is...well...undecided. Right now it's a tan color that I can't wait to paint over. I made the mistake of getting all brown furniture. Brown couch, brown rocker recliner and you guessed it, a brown glider rocker. Kind of silly I think. Maybe I can figure out how to make a cover for the glider. That's a good idea!! Oh and I can't forget...we have light tan carpet and a wood entertainment center. I do love my brown...but not THAT much.

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