Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have several favorite pictures of my Grandpa but I think these two are some of the best ones yet...well besides the one from when he took me to the Daddy-Daughter dance!

**Flash back SEVERAL years ago**I remember that like it was yesterday. I had this oh so pretty (or ugly since I was NOT a dress girl. Still not!) pink dress with the big hula hoop deal at the bottom making me look like some sort of bell. My mother feathered my hair like every young gal from the 90's. It was pretty sickening, actually. Despite the fact that I looked hideous, even though at the time it was apparently the style, the night itself was a fairy tale. I danced on his feet, he twirled me around in circles, swung me in the air and under his legs and we even boogied to the Chicken Dance! After the festivities we went to Bubble 'n Squeak to get a bite to eat and my favorite, a Shirley Temple...complete with THREE cherries! Man that just topped off the night. I just love drifting back into time to relive moments like those with my Grandpa.**

Present day...I find myself getting teary-eyed as I watch my Grandpa with my two boys. He has this look in his eyes that just screams how much he loves them. I can't even begin to say how thankful I am to be able to see them as often as I do, have them be a part of my life and have them watch my children grow. It's such a good feeling when you see him looking at me from across the room as I love on my boys and he has his huge smile on his face. He's proud of me. Proud of my boys. Proud to be my Grandpa and a Great Grandpa to Riley and Sam.

I snapped these pictures on Saturday during the Easter egg hunt at my Grandparents church. I had gone inside to check on Sam and came back out to see this...I became a big blob of goo!

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