Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy These Days

We have been so busy lately that I have neglected my blog. How tragic. I really am sorry to you few loyal readers. Now you have something, however pathetic, to read!

Riley is still doing great in his big boy undies. He doesn't always make it but that's okay. He will one day get the hang of it. The Elmo undies are his favorite. I knew I should have bought two packs of those since now I can't find more.

He is getting so much better with listening and not throwing tantrums. I don't know if it's something I did or if he's finally growing out of it. Either way, I love it. He has a 'time out' chair and we use it pretty much everyday but it works well and seems to do the trick. Another trick - 1 2 3. Yep, that's right, I'm counting. "Don't make me get to three!" That's me. It really works. Never thought I would use that trick but man, it works.

As each day comes and goes Riley is saying more and more words and piecing sentences together. True, I am usually the only one that can understand him but I am still proud! He is getting so big I can hardly stand it. Where did my baby go? It's already time to buy new jeans, shoes and even some shirts!


Sam is growing like crazy. He is still a tiny little thing but he is getting there. The poor fella will have to wear one piece outfits throughout winter since he is so small...he would crawl right out of the pants.

Speaking of crawling, this kid cracks me up. He has the Army crawl mastered but refuses to pick his belly up off the floor. One day I sat him by the toy box and looked away for a moment and when I looked back at him he was standing up. I freaked out. He hadn't shown any signs that he was even near ready to do such things. Before we know it he will be running around the house with his brother.

He's also got two bottom teeth! Those things hurt. I am so glad they are on the bottom though otherwise I'm afraid nursing would hurt! The little bugger still refuses to take a bottle of any sort with anything in it. He's a true mama's boy!

Can you believe his birthday is just around the corner. It just occurred to me today that I need to be thinking about what we are going to do on his special day. I'm thinking Elmo. I didn't want to do any character themes for their first birthdays but he really seems to enjoy Elmo. And's all about the kids!

**sorry, no pictures this time. I'm pooped and just too lazy to grab the camera and upload any! Next time, promise!

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