Friday, February 5, 2010

simple pleasures

Simple Pleasures-simply put!
(in no particular order)

*Indulging in a Kit-Kat after the kids have gone to bed so I don't have to share

*A cup of ice from Sonic

*Warm socks right out of the dyer

*Buying a new pair of jeans

*The feel of new Chapstick on my lips

*My favorite song on the radio

*A good hair day

*A call from my husband just to say hi

*Wet kisses from my two favorite boys

*Hearing my AWANA Cubbies say their Bible verses

*Listening to Riley sing 'Jesus Loves Me' while he looks at himself in the mirror

*Grandma's homemade banana bread

*Watching Sam and Riley play trains together-nicely. Even if it only lasts five minutes

*My dogs wet nose

*A hot meal cooked my Chad

*Phone calls from my Dad

*A cold can of Coca-Cola. With a straw of course

*Dinner out with great friends

*Monthly crop nights at church

*Dill pickles-and the juice

*The connivence of my new DVR

*Watching Sam learn to walk

*Buying office supplies

*Getting packages in the mail

*Warm brownies, hot fudge and vanilla ice cream. Enough said

*Penny ponies

*Writing notes in the margins if my Bible

*Getting a good deal

*Hearing Riley sing the apalhabet-his version anyway

*A new toothbrush

*Wrapping up in Lela's fleece blanket-made by Uncle Topher

*Receiving an unexpected gift

*Getting a haircut

*Holding hands with my husband

*Listening to 'I Wil Rise' by Chris Tomlin

*Getting phone calls from Ryan

*Putting activities on the calendar

*A fresh can of dill pickle Pringles

*Girls night out

*Playing brick breaker on my Blackberry


Rebekah said...

Having a good friend to share your love for blogging with!

Camillia said...

I can only see one thing missing....clean sheets on freshly shaven legs....HEAVEN!!!

Grateful for Grace said...

Oh, what a great list!

Trennia said...


Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

I love this!