Tuesday, February 23, 2010

March for Babies

Today was the March of Dimes March for Babies kick-off lunch! It went great. Not many people showed up but that didn't bring anyone down. We had a great little lunch, Tom spoke a little about this years walk and then introduced Chad, Sam and myself as the ambassador family for Graves County. I wasn't really sure what I was going to say and I was super nervous.But I just prayed about it and let God tell me what to say. I think I did okay but I'm sure I could have done better. Sam totally stole the show by showing off his mad people skills! The kid never meets a stranger. Here is a copy of the letter that I wrote that got put in all the folders for walkers/volunteers!

Dear March of Dimes Friends,

Meet Sam! The smallest member of our family, born October 30th 2008 at just 32 weeks gestation. He may be small but he sure is a fighter, strong-willed and full of determination. We joke that Sam is such a fighter because he is the baby brother to an equally strong-willed big brother-but we know the real reason. He had to be a fighter.

After being thrust into this world a bit too soon due to a partial abruption Sam was struggling to survive. just hours after he was born he left for his first car ride, in an ambulance. He spent his fir

st three weeks of life in the NICU at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Ten of those days he survived with the help of oxygen and surfactant therapy to help his immature lungs grow big and strong.

We know that without two very important things, our faith and trust

in God and the many medical advancements made possible with the help of March of Dimes, Sam may very well not be here with us today. Each and every new day we have is a blessing and to look at our little Sam now you would never know that he had to fight so hard for his place here on Earth.

This year we have the privilege to be the 2010 March for Babies Ambassador Family for Graves County. We are very honored to be a big part of such a wonderful and meaningful organization that helps babies just like Sam defy the odds that are stacked against them.

Without the help and support from friends and family like you, the March of Dimes would not be able to do what they do best. We hope you will join us and rally together in our mission to raise money so the March of Dimes can continue vital research in the hopes that one day all babies will be born healthy. We look forward to seeing you the day of the walk, April 17th 2010!


Chad, Tyra, Riley and of course Sam

Team S.A.M-Small And Mighty!


Camillia said...

that is AWESOME!!!

Amanda said...

I am sure that you did an awesome job Tyra. Little SAM truly is a fighter. I am proud to help with this cause and walk with you.

Jennifer said...

Wow...what a story! We support March of Dimes too! Your boys are precious!

Grateful for Grace said...

So grateful Sam is well.

NICU stays never leave you, ya' know. Our Wee Babe spent 17 days in the NICU, on the ventilator for one day and had to have a chest tube. It was the longest 17 days of my life. His helicopter ride to the NICU was so scary for all of us.

Glad you are helping!

Trennia said...

Your story blesses my heart.