Saturday, January 9, 2010


It seems I'm always wanting more. More clothes, more chocolate, more decorations for the home, more coke, more this and more that. I just want a bit more of everything. At what point will I be just satisfied with what I already have?

I have a great husband who works 40+ hours which provides me the luxury of staying home. I have two awesome little boys that bring me so much joy. Family and friends to help and support me. A roof over my head and food on the fridge. I have clothing that fits, shoes with soles and five space heaters keeping us warm. A van that works, a body so healthy I get the best life insurance rate.

Yet I want more.

I want a life. I want to get out of the house and DO something. Help people. Help myself. Help my family.

I want to MAKE something of myself. I know what your thinking-'But Tyra, you're a mom. A great mom. It takes a lot to be a mom, a stay at home mom at that.' And to you I say, 'Yes, you are correct.'


You see, there's ALWAYS a but...

I don't feel complete yet. I want MORE.

A job, a CAREER, a degree. I want to travel to foreign lands and hold little children on my lap and share the love of Jesus with them. I want to volunteer here in town and make someones day brighter. I want to open a soup kitchen and feed all the poor and needy. I want to know their names. Give them a hug. Share with them about Jesus, too. I want more.

Am I really asking for too much?

Maybe for right now I am.

Maybe right now I have JUST ENOUGH. Enough to tide me over till I CAN get more. Enough to keep me going until I CAN get more.


Camillia said...

I prayed most of 2009 for God to just fill me with what He wanted from me...I was like "God, I have gifts you gave me, where do you want me to use them?" I think you remember me sharing my struggles with focusing on His will for me, and missing, just focusing on Him...well. Thanksgiving...He laid it in my lap. I've been working at the community kitchen since then, and loving every single amazing God filled moment there. (which by the every moment) I'm now a team leader, and God has filled that void in my heart knowing this is it! This is my calling, This is what I was asking for! I know He'll do the same for you when He sees the perfect situation and circumstances all are in place. :) Just focus on Him, get lost in His love...and it will just be laid in your lap :)

Wylie said...

I understand your desire for more! You have a big heart Tyra! And you are very blessed. One of the things I LOVE about studying Experiencing God right now, is that it is a study that offers tools to help us understand God's will for our lives & where He is inviting us to join Him. What the divine assignments are b/c He has assignments for us & He equips us for them. Interesting that you have such a precious willing heart, and a love for the Lord - I know He will show you through prayer what He has in store in the upcoming seasons of your life.

He has big plans for you & me! Remember that when Jesus called the disciples from the fishing boats & invited them with the simple instruction to "follow him" so that they could become fishers of men - that God often gave very little direction. Sometimes there was more direction like when He spoke to Moses. But, basically, we have to stay very close to Him like the disciples & patriarchs did to get our daily direction. We couldn't handle all the Glory if He told us too much at once & He is always preparing us for the next assignment. I look forward to seeing what He has in store for you friend!!! Keep seeking & sharing!

Trennia said...

You want more and I'm getting rid of
At least I am intil I go to the store