Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things I didn't know until I became a parent

As I was watching the boys play this morning I started thinking about how my life was before they were born and how things have changed. Some things were quite humorous and some made me teary-eyed! Here's what I came up with!

I didn't know that my multi-tasking would go as far as nursing/comforting a child while also trying to use the bathroom.

I didn't know there were more food groups than what's in the food pyramid.Paper products, personal hygiene products, pet food, etc.

I didn't know being a parent could be so tough!

I didn't know that silence is to be feared. Especially when you have more than one child.

I didn't know that poop is an acceptable conversation topic.

I didn't know that poop came in such wide arrays of bright colors and textures.

I didn't know that you could love someone so much.

I didn't know that I would ever utter this sentence: "Stop trying to bite your brother's toes."

I didn't realize how precious it was to shower alone.

I didn't know that when it was time to leave the house, not only did I have to remember the kids, diapers, snacks, and sippy's, but we also have to take blanket, cars, and pacis.

I didn't know I would ever bribe my child with an M&M. You've done it, too!

I didn't know that I'd have more fun with a kid's toy than they do.

I didn't know that peeing alone was the ultimate luxury!

I didn't know that "just running to the store" could take me an hour!

I didn't know that my house would never be clean again!

I didn't know that a single kiss could take away owies.

I didn't know how a sweet, milky smile could make my day brighter.

I didn't know that having a 2 year old climb into bed with me for the 2nd (3rd, 4th or 5th) time wouldn be the sweetest thing.

I didn't know that taking a shower by myself would involve various distraction techniques and bribery.

I didn't know that it was fun to squirt someone with breast milk on the face just because. Okay, don't act like you haven't tried it...or at least thought about it!

I didn't know that my husband would be a bigger kid than the children are!

I didn't know that it was impossible for boys to get all the pee into the toilet.

I didn't know that cereal was an acceptable meal no matter what time of day it is.

I didn't know it was possible to not sleep more than 2 hours at a time for month on end and still function.

I didn't know that I would have to tell my kids to stop eating things out of the dogs mouth.

I didn't know that a 2yr olds poop can be big enough to clog up the toilet.

I didn't know that when baby oatmeal dries it becomes cement.

I didn't know that when my kid ate a sticker it would come out whole, and still in full color.

I didn't know that without a diaper, breastfed baby poop has a projectile range of over 4 feet.

I didn't know I'd need to carry extra underwear in my purse, along with a random crayon, loose Cheerios , half a T-Rex, and a salt shaker from...well from somewhere!

I didn't know the perfect time to remove your child's boogers is when they're already crying.

I didn't know that I would gladly wear my child for hours on end just to get him to finally take that much needed nap and quit fussing.

I didn't know I'd be co-sleeping at night, and scared to death if the little one was in the crib and not in bed with us.

I didn't know that slowly moving your hand over a sleepy baby's face can get them to fall asleep much faster.

I didn't know that baby would be happiest with a wooden spoon or an old TV remote.

I didn't know the depth of "I would do ANYTHING" to keep someone else protected, until I saw those two lines that meant I truly had someone else to look out for now!

I didn't know that drool could be so cute.

I didn't know that a small pool filled with toy balls would be the BEST toy on the face of this earth!

I didn't know that I could be pushed to my limit by something so tiny, yet still look forward to waking up every single day to see what new thing they will discover and relish in!

I didn't know that something can make you feel as inadequate and incapable as a child.

I didn't know that a playgroup could be so stressful.

I didn't know that kids thought maxi-pads were just really big band-aids and would want to wear them when they had a big boo-boo.

I didn't know that liking your child is a bigger blessing than loving your child.

I didn't know that losing a child would make me a better mom to my living children.

I didn't know that seeing my children grow would make me love my husband more.

I didn't know that I would do 7 loads of laundry every single day and still have nothing to wear!

I didn't know that I would throw temper tantrums too.

I didn't know that with each child, I'd get dumber and dumber. Don't debate me on this one!

I didn't know that when I finally got away for alone time, I'd spend it shopping for my kids.

I didn't know that kids with boogery faces and mismatched clothes would help me relate to another mother instead of judge her.

I didn't know how genuinely excited I would be to see pee/poop in the potty

I didn't know that I would sneak into the bathroom and sit in the dry tub with my laptop pretending to take a bath to get a few minutes of alone time.

I didn't know that I would actually understand toddler language to such an extent that I would have to play interpreter.

I didn't know that it would just be easier to get the kids naked for dinner rather than scrubbing stains for the rest of the night.

And I certainly didn't know that being a mom would be this amazing!


Amanda said...

WOW Tyra I am not sure how you can reach so deep inside and pull out all these feelings it is amazing. I am only wondering while typing this are you holding a kid and talking to the other one. I love you girl and you are an AWESOME MOTHER.

Nicole said...

Great post! It is amazing how much having children would changes our lives. I have to add that I didn't know that I would be highly entertained by my 21 month old throwing a fight and yelling at me. She is too tiny to get that mad!

The SISTERHOOD!! said...

LOL! Yes indeed....that is why they call us mommy! The irony is that although willing to take great measures to get some alone time, the Min. that we get that much desired alone time we are missing the monsters/angels and are thinking about them. Loved the raw honesty, and well we too have had the big bandaid debate...Just wait until they tell you what a tampon is! LOL!