Thursday, May 28, 2009

A sad farewell

Today was the last time Baby Bear got to see Dr. Snyder. She was there on-call for our regular pediatrician when I went into early labor with Baby Bear. I was very worried not having our regular dr there but she was AMAZING! Words cannot describe how thankful we are that she was there to care for our Baby Bear and keep us calm while she accessed his health and had to make that tough decision weather to keep him in Paducah or send him on to Vanderbilt. Of course we ended up in Vandy but that was mighty fine but us! All the while we remained in contact making sure all was well with Baby Bear. His stay in the NICU was only three weeks (but those three weeks felt like an eternity) and was able to come home happy and healthy. We've continued seeing Dr. Snyder and our regular pedi, Dr. Roach during the last, almost, seven months and my face just lights up when I see her hold Baby Bear. The way she looks at him just makes me want to cry. You can tell her heart was in taking care of him.

She is a traveling dr so she is off on, yet, another journey. This time to Colorado. She's been there once before. I have to admit that I cried a little when I found out she was leaving us but I know she will bless another family that needs her help in Colorado so I shall let her go! As a parting gift we wrote her a sweet thank you not and got her a Willow Tree angel that is holding a wire balloon saying 'Thank You'

Dr. Snyder...we will never forget how much we were blessed to have you enter our lives for such a brief, but VERY important time!

*and YES, that IS in fact a Pink Floyd t-shirt! Leave me alone!!

Now on to the appointment itself. I know, I know, this post is never ending...bear(haha-get it?) with me! Maybe this will keep you interested. While waiting for the dr to come in Baby Bear (or BB for short) was just amazed with the wall paper. So much so that he kept yelling at it-in his best terradactyl voice-and trying to grab the birds.
BB doesn't sleep. At all. Okay, I lied. He sleeps for about two hours at a time. Day and night. By the time evening rolls around the poor guy is exhausted. Dr. Roach upped his Prevacid solutabs in hopes that it's the reflux and this will calm it down so he can sleep and not be restless. He also saw that he still has a lot of fluid in his ears. Second month in a row now and once before a few months back. And one ear infection. The dr said that if this antibiotic doesn't clear it up and in another month he still has fluid we may have to talk tubes. I hate to go that route but I would also hate not to, fluid in the ears all the time could lead to hearing and speach problems by the time he's a toddler.

(what's that, you want to see more pictures of the Baby Bear? Okay!)

And since Mama Bear was such a good bear! at the drs office she got a special treat...the holy grail right here baby...


Nicole said...

Aww, BB is getting so big! And I agree, Starbucks is the Holy Grail!

Kara - Doula in training said...

Tyra! Sam looks just like Lela in the pic of the doctor holding him. He is getting sooo big!!!!

Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

thanks for checking out my page and the comments! i appreciate it...